Places to Visit in Flores

Bena Traditional Village, Ngada Regency

Bena Traditional Village is a megalithic village in Ngada Regency, Bajawa. It is located about 19km in South Bajawa. Following history, the village which is located at the foot of the mountain is [...]

Kelimutu Volcano Mountain, Three Colored Lakes

Kelimutu volcano mountain is located in Ende, Flores island. It is famous for its three colored lakes and the most stunning sunrise views in Flores. These 3 lakes are also called Danau Tiga Warn [...]

Wae Rebo Traditional Village, Manggarai

Wae Rebo Traditional Village is the Manggarai ethnic traditional village in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This village is located on the West Flores, Manggarai Recency. It uniques traditional houses whi [...]

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