Who is Komodo Wisata Tours?

Komodo Wisata Tours and Travel is a licensed tour operator based in Lombok and has been operating online bookings since 2014. The company itself has been operated offline since 2012 under Indonesian management. At the moment we have served over 500 guests for all tour route that we offer.

What activities are offering by Komodo Wisata Tours & Travel?

We are offering general and the most popular activities (Diving, Tours, and Trekking) from the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, such as Bali, Gili Islands, Komodo, Flores, Lombok, Sumba Island, Nusa Lembongan, etc. For the most concentrated at the moment, we arrange the Komodo Island Tours, Flores Island Tours, Sumba Island Tours, Lombok Island Tours and Bali Island Tours.

What boats or transportation does Komodo Wisata use?

Komodo Wisata only offers International standard safety boats and transportations. Our boat has two types which are High - speedboat and Phinisi Boat. Our land transfers are cars with all in a good condition and ready to use for your safety ride.

What are the advantages when I make a booking with Komodo Wisata Tours?

Komodo Wisata always puts the best service to customers with easy booking and payment methods. Our support center will be online 24 hours, guarantee at the best deals, secure check out for every purchase. We offer a wide selection of activities from a popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

How to make a reservation?

Go to the Search box “Search Destination and Activities”, select destination and activity, then click search, it will show you the activities, choose your program or activities. Click more if you want to see the activity description or book now. See on your right side, there will show you tab “Add to Cart” and then choose the numbers of participant, date, check availability and then click the tab “OK” and then fill your contact details, then continue to payment, a confirmation appears on your e-mail.

How to make a payment?

Payment is proceeded by PayPal, PayPal provides the form, fill it out.

Do I get the Issued voucher?

Yes, you will get the issued voucher after you do a full payment as per invoice.

Can I re-schedule/change the date of my bookings?

Change the date is based on the availability, contact us by sending us an e-mail.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Cancelation is regarding the cancelation policy, see the term and condition.

How to Contact Komodo Wisata Tour & Travel?

Go to Contact Us on the bottom of the site, fill the form required.

Is there any Insurance covered by Komodo Wisata Tour & Travel?

At the moment Komodo Wisata is a point to point without any liability for any cases during the activities, however some of our partners may have covered with insurance, but we recommend you to protect yourself by your own insurance.

Where is Komodo National Park?

Komodo National Park is located in the East Nusa Tenggara, eastern part of Indonesia.

How to get to Komodo National Park?

There are some options getting to the National Park; Flight from Denpasar Bali or Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. And then getting on the phinisi boat to the National Park. Other options are ferry from Bali and Lombok. There is also a liveaboard from Bali an Lombok which depart 2 times in a week.

When is the best time to visit Komodo National Park?

The best time to visit Komodo National Park is April to September, during the dry season. The average temperature is between 21 to 26 degrees during the day time. While October to March is most raining season. But you can still doing the trip as the weather in Indonesia is not really raining all the time. The average weather during raining season is 28 degrees.

Is Komodo Dragon Dangerous?

Basically, Komodo is a monitoring lizard, It has poisonous venom that can kill other creatures within hours of bite

What if Komodo Dragon bite you?

The only way you can do is get the soonest help from the ranger or your guide. So they can give you a first aid treatment and bring you to the medical center.

How to avoid Komodo Dragons attract?

The first thing to avoid the Komodo Dragons attack is you have to be always with your ranger or guide, never try to go alone. Keep silent, do not scream, and follow all the park ranger instructions.

Can I visit Komodo while I am pregnant or on my period?

We are not recommended if you are pregnant or in your period. Komodo Dragon will smell the blood and perceive it as the prey.

Are there any other wildlife living on Komodo National Park?

Yes, there are, there you can find deer, birds, pigs, buffalo, snake, and bats. Mostly are living on Rinca and Komodo Island, while bats are found in Kalong island.

Is in Komodo National Park has dive sites?

Yes, there are several dive sites. Komodo National Park is famous for its world-class dive sites. There are over 20 dive sites found on Komodo National Park.

Is in Komodo National Park has beaches?

Yes, there are several beaches such as Pink Beach, Taka Makasar, and some others are found in Kanawa, Angel Island, and many more.

What is Private Tour?

Private Tour means you will be the only one who takes the whole service during the tour. You will go in private, only you and your family or friends, couple travelers, and solo travelers are acceptable on this type of tour. You have to follow the itinerary listed on the tour package. This type of tour is also good if you want to enjoy the trip more and the destinations you visit.

What is Shared Tour?

A shared tour means you will travel with other travelers in a group of a minimum of 20 people. This type of tour package is good if you want to make a new friend. It is also good for budgeting travelers.

What is Private Yacht Charter/Boat Charter?

A Private boat charter means you rent a boat or yacht and its whole facilities for the maximum duration of your trip. You will also have full control of the destinations to visit, which means you can customize the places to visit by yourself.

What is Combination Tours?

Combination tours are a mix or combination of two or more types of packages and destinations.

Where is Flores?

Flores is and island in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.