Alor Island, Indonesia

Alor island located on the Eastern tip of Nusa Tenggara with the capital city Kalabahi. The island is bordered by the Flores Sea and the Banda sea on North and Ombai strait to the South. Kalabahi is one of the main and the big city on the island.

According to the census populations in 2010, there is 190.000 population living on the island. Alor is the volcanic origin and has a very rugged terrain. The region near Kalabahi is the only flat area. This is why they choose this location as the capital city and the main harbor.

The Island is famous for the underwater world life. Snorkeling and diving may promise an increase in tourism in the future. There is also host some of the most healthy and diverse corals. A perfect island for underwater activities.

Getting to Alor Island

There is two option of getting to Alor island from Bali or Jakarta:

  • Take a flight from Denpasar or Jakarta to Mali Airport in Alor, or Flight to Kupang, and then getting on the flight from Kupang to Alor.
  • Get on the PELNI, Indonesian big ship.

The Tourism

Alor is known as one of the beautiful tourist destinations in East Indonesia. There are some beautiful places to visit:

  • Kepa Island is an island which is located about 10 minutes from Alor. It is a beautiful white sandy beach island. The best things to do here are snorkeling and diving. There is also some accommodation on this tinny island.
  • Ternate island one of the most natural islands. Here you will find a perfect corals reef, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear water. Very recommended for snorkeling.
  • Mataru Waterfall is located in Taman Mataru village.
  • Pulau Rusa/ Rusa island is located in Puntaru village. Here you will find the inhabitant of deers.

There are still many more tourist objects explore. And we will love to show you more about by arranging you the best tour packages. The island is also well known as one of the best dive spots in Indonesia.

Tour Packages

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