Kelimutu Volcano Mountain, Three Colored Lakes

Kelimutu volcano mountain is located in Ende, Flores island. It is famous for its three colored lakes and the most stunning sunrise views in Flores.

These 3 lakes are also called Danau Tiga Warna by locals which means three colored lakes. Basically, the most common colors are red, white, and blue. But the colors have been changing at any time it will.

According to the local people, the words Kelimutu come from the word Keli and Mutu. Keli means mountain, while Mutu means boiling. Each lake color has its own meaning regarding the Local. The red color is regarding the dead people's spirits who have sins during their life. Blue is regarding the young people's spirit and white is regarding the oldest spirit. 

The local natives believe that when the color changes. They will come up and give offerings to the spirit of real people. They believe that they will get lucky in their life.

Getting to Kelimutu Volcano Mountain

The Volcano is at altitude 5.377feet or 1.639mand. And the width of the area is 1.051.000m.

Here are the ways to get there:

  • Flight from Bali to Ende or Maumere.
  • Bus from Labuan Bajo to Ende
  • Pelni, a big ship from Bali to Ende, 2 times a month.

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Things you can expect

The best thing you can do is have the sunrise. You will need to do soft trekking for 45 minutes to the top. You can also visit some traditional villages, beaches, and many more.

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