Flores Island

Flores Island

Explore Flores island with our best tour packages. Enjoy spectacular landscapes, volcano treks, and experience local life and cultures.
Tour Packages in Flores Island

Half-Day Tour Rangko Cave Labuan Bajo

Book a half-day Goa Rangko Cave, enjoy swimming in the natural pool inside the cave. Take pictures with sunlight that falls down into the water.

Full Day Tour Package Labuan Bajo

Our fun Full Day Tour Package Labuan Bajo will visit Cunca Wulang, Melo Village, Goa Rangko, Batu Cermin, and enjoy sundown at Bukit Sylvia

Exploring 17 Islands Marine Park Riung

Exploring 17 Islands Marine Park Riung, visit Koka Beach, Kelimutu National Park, Bena Village, So'a hot spring. Include accommodations and entrance fees.

5 Days Kelimutu Wae Rebo Trekking Tour

5 days Kelimutu Wae Rebo trekking tour, great combination and recommended for Flores explore. Inclusive accommodations and tour Guide.

5 Days Flores Tour Package

5 Days Flores Tour Package:: Visit Koka Beach, Kelimutu Volcano, Bena Village, Ruteng, Cara Village, Todo Village, Melo Village. From $1065/p

Day Tour Labuan Bajo Goa Rangko

Day tour Labuan Bajo Goa Rangko, visit: Sabolo island, Goa Rangko, and Seraya island.Swimming, snorkeling and having sunset.

Caci Traditional Whip Fighting Tour

Visit Melo village for a Manggarai traditional dance performance called Caci. Visit Batu Cermin cave and then back to your hotel in Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo Day Tour

Labuan Bajo day tour: Visit Cunca Wulang Canyon, Melo Village, Batu Cermin, and Sunset Bukit Sylvia. After that back to your hotel.

2 Days Wae Rebo village Tour

Take 2 days Wae Rebo village tour and visit Denge, Wae Rebo, Cara Village and Lembor. Trekking to find out the history of Wae Rebo.

Day Tour to Cunca Wulang Canyon

Day tour to Cunca Wulang: visit Labuan Bajo, Warsawe Village, Cunca Wulang, and Batu Cermin Limestone in Labuan Bajo.

Kelimutu National Park Tour

The Kelimutu National Park Tour, Visit the amazing Kelimutu three colored lakes and Koka Beach. Private arrangement with professional Tour Guide.

3D2N Wae Rebo Traditional Village Tour

Explore the authentic traditional village of Manggarai with our 3D2N Wae Rebo traditional village tour. Experience local life and its culture.

Explore Flores 5D/4N start Labuan Bajo

Spectacular view of spider rice field, Traditional Village of Manggarai,Ranamese Lake,Produces local wine,Kelimutu Lake and Waiara Black Sandy Beach.

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