Sumba Island

Sumba Island

Sumba Island is a beautiful Island which show most sacred beautiful places, Sumba has a unique tradition and people, the most popular event in Sumba is Pasola. This is a peaceful Island that you have to list on your travel plan!

Tours and Things to do

Tour Packages in Sumba Island

Explore Sumba 5D/4N

Visit Watu Maladong, Bwanna Beach, Ratenggaro, Weekuri Lake, Mandorak, Tarung/Waitabar, Praijing,Lapopu Waterfall, Warinding Hill, Walakiri, Waingapu, Bukit Persaudaraan

4D/3N Explore Sumba

Visit Waikabubak, Kodi, Wanokaka, Waingapu