Terms & Conditions

Bookings, Payment, and Confirmation

  • Booking made at least 2 days before departure. Booking made less than two days, please e-mail to reservation@komodowisata.com or direct call to +6285 102666556.
  • All booking are depending on the availability.
  • The booking confirmation will be sent automatically to your E-mail address.
  • The booking will be issued after we receive the full payment. And you have a right to get an issued voucher.
  • Komodowisata.com will not responsible for bookings without authority of Komodo Wisata Tours & Travel.
  • Komodowisata.com will receive only online payment via Paypal and Credit Card.

Limitation of Responsibility

  • Komodo Wisata Tour & Travel acts as an Agency for the following programs: Tours, Diving, Yacht Charters, and Trekking. We will not responsibility for any lost, missing flight, injury, loses, damages, and an accident during the activities which caused death, delay, etc.
  • We will not responsible for inconvenience causes of action of staff during the activity, government or other civil activity such as Demonstration, War, and road traffic.
  • Komodo Wisata Tour & Travel will not be responsible for any additional charge caused by delay, reschedules or other causes.
  • Komodo Wisata Tour & Travel have the right to cancel the program or reschedule the program in the event of bad weather, or other operational reason.
  • All the programs are not suitable for oldest, up to 40 years and infant (trekking, diving)
  • Changing any activities on this site are the authority of Komodo Wisata Tours & Travel.


  • Komodo Wisata Tour & Travel has an authority to change the price at any time without any notice.
  • Price listed on every package (Tours, Trekking, Yacht Charter, and Diving) are the authority of Komodo Wisata Tours & Travel.


  • Cancelation makes 5 months before the date of departure will refund 75% of the total amount.
  • Cancellation made 1 month before the departure date will refund 50% of the total amount.
  • Cancellation made 15 days before departure date will refund 25% of the total amount.
  • Cancelation made 5 days before the departure date will no refund.
  • Cancelation on the date of departure will no refund.
  • The cancelation procedure is by sending us an email.
  • For the Yacht Charter or Boat Charter, the cancelation made 6 months before the departure will refund 50% of the total price. No refund for cancelation made 3 months before the departure.

Change Date

Change date of your departure is based on the availability. And it is regard to the time you made the booking or see the above cancellation policy.


  • Any complain , please sent us emails to our contact details.