Ruteng Manggarai Flores Indonesia

Ruteng Manggarai Flores Indonesia is the capital city of Central Manggarai West Flores. It is the central business town on Manggarai West Flores. The city also used to be the capital city of the whole Manggarai before separate into 3 main parts district. Ruteng Manggarai Flores Indonesia is surrounded by mountains with the rain forest. It is a cool city which is can go to 150c, depend on the season.

The city also popular as the cental of the Manggarai Government office,  education center, and many more. The city with a width of 7.136,4 km2 has a 382.422 population, according to the 2016 census. There are 93,30 % of the population are Catholic. The 5,73% are Muslim, 0,11% of Hidustants, and 0,86% are Protestant.

Most of the population is working in the government office, especially in the center of the city. In some parts of the areas, people are working as farmers, businesses, shops, and many more. This is one of the busiest cities in West Flores beside Labuan Bajo, Ende, and Bajawa.

Getting There

Ruteng is approximately 5 hours from Labuan Bajo, 8 hours from Ende. Here is the way to get to the city:

  • Bemo from Labuan Bajo offers daily transfers. They operate until 06.00 pm.
  • Busses from Bajawa or Ende, depart every day. It will take approximately 8 to 9 hours, depend on the road condition.
  • Flight from Kupang (the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara Provice).
  • Airplane from Denpasar or Jakarta.
  • Ferry from Sape or Pelni from Bali. And then getting on the Bemo or travel car to the city.

Things to see in Ruteng Manggarai Flores Indonesia

Here are to things you can see during in Ruteng:

  • Visit Ruteng Pu'u. It is one of the traditional houses of the Manggarai tribe in Flores. All the houses are designed in traditional architecture.
  • Liang Bua is a home cave of Homo Floriesis which. The hobit was an ancient hominin that lives until 17.000 years ago.
  • Take a walk around the city use Bemo or private car. Have a look at some of the rice fields with beautiful formation.
  • Visit Spider Rice Field in Cancar village. The ricefield is at the lowest point, so you will able to take pictures from the top point.

There are many more activities you can do during in Ruteng. For details activities, you can join our Flores tour packages from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok.

Accommodation & Restaurants

Accommodations are spread around the city, backpackers to the midrange. The city is sometimes only the transit for some of the travelers from Labuan Bajo or Bajawa and Ende. You can find the most recommended accommodation through some online portals such as But you can also ask your tour operator for any accommodations available in Ruteng.

Restaurants are also spread around the city, most are serving the local cuisine. There are some hotels that provide western foods. So you can have western foods at your hotel. If you need to find a good Western restaurant, you may ask your tour guide to find the best one.

Most places around the city will empty after 06.00 pm due to the cold weather. That is why the locals also call Kota Mati or an asleep town. People are nice around here, they will give you greetings with their smiles.

Places to Visit in Flores