Ngada Tribe Culture

The Ngada tribe culture is the culture of Ngada people in central Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The population of Nagada is 142, 254 people, and most are known as Suku Ngada or Ngada tribe.

Ngada Regency is probably one of the many districts in Indonesia that are very unique in terms of culture. In Ngada, each sub-district has customs that differ from one another. For example, in terms of language.

One of the traditional villages in Ngada is Bena Village. Kampung Bena is a traditional village of the Megalithic era. Located in Tiwuriwu Village, Jerebuu District, this village lies under the foot of Mount Irenie. The people believe that Mount Irenie is the place of the God of Yeta who has protected their village.

The Rituals of Ngada Tribe Culture

Reba is the traditional party of Ngada Tribe's cultural activity in East Nusa Tenggara. The traditional ceremony is held in order to welcome the turn of the year.

One of the distinctive features of this cultural festival is eating sweet potatoes together. The festival is accompanied by the traditional dance of the Bena tribe named Besa Uwi.

Reba parties are usually held from December to February. However, the peak of the Reba Party event will be held in January every year.

Reba Ritual Serries

One day before the main celebration, the people are having dinner together and drinking. These rituals are called Ka Maki Reba, which means the welcome ceremony or opening ceremony.

The next morning, they will do after traditional breakfast which they call Ngeta you bhagi NGIA, Mami utu mogo.

After that, they will have an O uwi ceremony. O uwi is a dance performance with a traditional song. After that, there is a mass ceremony led by the Pastor. This acts as a form of fusion of traditional customs with Catholicism. The ceremony also presents the church singing choir using the local language of the Ngada area.

After that, the ceremony participants and dancers will be treated to one or two glasses of wine. The locals call it Tua Ara.

Reba's traditional activities are not just festive parties but are a manifestation of the joy of the community while maintaining a spiritual nuance.

The Reba Traditional Ceremony is a form of gratitude for the Ngada community aimed at its ancestors.

Ngada Dance Attraction

Reba said that if it is associated with the Malay language it means "noisy", and noisy means hurricane.

Following the Reba ceremony, you will get the experience of seeing the dance attraction directly. The form of dancers uses a long sword that is grasped with the "tuba" liukan. And it is a white goat feather decorated stick.

Accompanying dancers will present background sound music using musical instruments made from coconut shells or forest pumpkins. This instrument is very unique because the resonance container is covered with goatskin and the middle part is punched. The bow is a piece of bamboo tied with woven threads and waxed scrub.

Ubi is the main dish in this traditional ceremony. This is because, for the Ngada community, sweet potatoes are a food source that will not be used up by the human earth. So, from here it is hoped that the Ngada people will never experience food insecurity. Visit Ngada and book your Flores Island tour online with us.

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