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Komodo Island Tours, Flores Tour Package

Komodo Wisata Tours and Travel is a professional tour operator for Komodo island tours, Flores tour packages, and beyond. We have made a selection of Komodo Island tours, Flores tours, and Sumba tours to suit all price ranges. Our team is happy to help you and ensure that you have the best travel experience with us.

We have been successfully giving the best to our clients for over 10 years. All of our teams are well trained and have been years in arranging Flores day trips and Komodo tours. Besides Flores tours and Komodo tour packages, we also arrange Sumba Island tours, Lombok Island tours, and Bali tour packages.

Welcome to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Komodo National Park, the homeland of over 2.000 Komodo Dragons. Komodo National Park offers a variety of activities such as diving and snorkeling, Komodo adventure, and hiking for spectacular views. Find more interesting places to visit for your best Komodo tour packages and Flores tour package. Komodo Wisata always runs special offers and individually designed tour packages, especially for Komodo and Flores island tours. Find details and book recommendations for the Komodo Island tour or Komodo Flores tour on our tour company.

Recommended Komodo Island Tours and Flores Tour Package

Here are recommended Komodo Dragon Tours and Flores tours to book:

  1. One day Komodo Island tour. There are 2 options, use the speedboat or Phinisi boat. If you go on the speedboat tour, you can visit more than 5 destinations. Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the trip, the Komodo Island Phinisi boat is the best choice.
  2. 2 days Komodo National Park tour. This tour package is only available for private service, you will use Delux or standard Phinisi boat.
  3. Komodo tour 3 days and 2 nights. This tour package is the most popular choice of Komodo tour packages. This tour package offers 2 available options, 3 days private tour, and 3 days sharing tour. Sharing tours will only depart once a week, while private Komodo tours can go every day.
  4. Kelimutu National Park Tour. Take a 2-day visit to Kelimutu volcano, a three-colored lake which is famous for catching sunrises. You will also visit some beautiful places such as Koka beach and Moni village.
  5. Exploring 17 Island Marin Park Riung. Another paradise on Flores Island, worth it to visit. Explore Marine Park, swim and snorkel in one of the world's class underwater, and enjoy spectacular views.
  6. 2 days Wae Rebo Village tour. Visit authentic Manggarai village located in Wae Rebo, West Manggarai Flores. Trekking through the rocky stones and beautiful rain forest, just enjoy it. Visit a spider rice field at Cara Village and many more.

WARNING: Due to the strong current around Komodo National Park ocean, Komodo Wisata put itself ahead of the safety issue. We only work with reputable and international standard safety boat companies. For your safety and more tips, visit travel tips including getting to Komodo and updates on Komodo entrance fee prices.

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