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Best Komodo Island Tours, Private and Group Tours

Komodo Wisata Tours accommodate the best Komodo Island Tours, Flores Tour Packages, Sumba tours, and Lombok island Tours. The types of Komodo tours are private and group tours. Our activities to offer include tour packages, yacht charters, diving packages, and volcano trekking.

Besides that, we also arrange combination tours to explore 2 or 3 destinations in one go trip. Our popular combinations are between Sumba, Flores, and the Komodo Island tour packages. Other combinations are also customized to meet your great travel experience.

To see all arrangements for Komodo tours, visit our Komodo tour packages page for details. Go to page Komodo private yacht charters for Komodo boat tours. We recommend booking your Komodo island tour in advance through our official tour company. Use the search box to find prices, tour details, discounts, and other special offers. We will ensure that you have a great travel experience with our well-trained and professional Komodo tour guides.

Welcome to Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and homeland of over 2000 Komodo Dragons. The National Park is also famous for World-Class dive sites, spectacular views, and beautiful beaches. Enjoy the diving, snorkeling, Komodo adventure, and hiking for spectacular views on your Komodo tours.

Most Famous Komodo Island Tours

Depending on your travel style, budget, and the longer you stay on your vacation. There are a variety of tours to Komodo. Komodo Wisata offers more than 15 Komodo tour packages. Our famous tour packages are Full Day Komodo speedboat tours, 2 Day Komodo National Park tours, and 3 Day Explore Komodo. There are also some combination tour packages such as the 5 Days Flores Komodo Dragon tour.

Our Komodo tour package prices range from $100 to $5,000, these prices are quota to change without notice. While the entrance fees range from $10 to $20 per person. You will pay a different price between working days and public holidays, but the amount is between the above calculation.

Most Komodo tour packages offer a daily departure, our tour company offers two departures. The early departure is at 06.00 am on the Komodo Island speedboat tour. The next departure is at 09.30 am for those who book shared and private tours to Komodo.

Komodo Tours from Bali and Lombok

If you plan to start the Komodo tour from Bali, you have to book a morning flight. The earlier flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo is between 06.30-and 09.00 am. And then you can start your Komodo tour on the same day you arrive in Labuan Bajo.

Our most requested departure time for the Komodo tour is 09.30 am. However, there is also a departure at 12.00. This is the best option if you have a late flight from Bali. The schedule is only available for a private tour to Komodo Island or a private boat charter.

Another best Komodo tour is a boat trip package for 4 days and 3 nights from Lombok. The tour company will use the standard Phinisi boat for the trip. This option is suitable if you want to do a complete Komodo Dragon adventure which includes visiting Lombok and Sumbawa. Our Komodo tour from Lombok is available 3 departures a week.

Komodo Dive Trip Packages from Labuan Bajo

Komodo National Park is also famous for its world-class dive sites. There is a variety of colorful marine life and untouched coral reefs. On Komodo, there are more than 20 dive sites to explore with good visibility.

Every dive site offers you amazing underwater marine life. There you can see numerous bigger sharks, fish, and beautiful coral gardens. Some whitetip and blacktip reef sharks are also found in National Park.

Our Komodo dive trips will take you to explore these amazing marine life. We have selected all the best day trip dives and Liveaboards. The dive trip is also possible to combine with the Komodo island tours. Use the search box to find your best Komodo dive packages. We work with reputable Komodo dive operators to make sure your dive trip is fun.

The Best Time to Visit Komodo National Park

Indonesia has two seasons, dry season and rainy season. The dry season is coming from April to September, while the rainy season is coming from October to March. So we assume that the best time to visit Komodo is between April and September. However, some of the parts during the rainy season are possible to visit, especially in November and December. Between May and August is Komodo mating time, You can join the Komodo island tour if you want to see this moment.

If you expect to do a dive, the best visibility is from November to January when the 30m is common. Meanwhile, July and August have lower visibility but blooming marine life. Scroll down to see more Komodo Island boat trip packages. Find your best Komodo tour packages online with us.

WARNING: Due to the strong current around the Komodo National Park ocean, we put ourselves ahead of the safety issue. We only work with reputable and international standard safety boat companies. For your safety and more tips, visit Komodo travel guides, including getting there and updates on Komodo entrance fee prices.

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