Fishing Trip

A fishing trip is also a recommended activity to do while visiting Komodo National Park. The National Park has amazing spots for those who love the fishing sport. There are many species of fish found in the Park.

Labuan Bajo is the main dock to start your fishing trip to Komodo. A fishing trip to Komodo can be one of the fantastic activities to experience the thrill species of fish. You will find giant trevally, wahoo, grouper, mahi-mahi, amberjack, and yellowfin tuna.

Komodo National Park is ready for every type of fishing technique. You can try jigging, popping, bottom fishing, and trolling. Motang Island is one of the best for jigging fishing and the target fish are ruby snapper, yellowfin tuna, and giant trevally.

Labuan Bajo and Komodo Fishing Spots

The Komodo island fishing trip offers a daily departure from Labuan Bajo. You can go on private or shared group trips from all around the world. This fishing trip will accommodate a high-speed boat for a day trip and a Phinisi boat for a liveaboard.

For your best experience of the Komodo island fishing tour, we have selected all the best-recommended spots to go fishing in Komodo National Park. The team at Komodo island fishing trip will organize all the things to prepare for your fishing tour.

Fishing Trip Komodo

The following are spots you may consider visiting:
  1. Kanawa Island is a fantastic island for fishing. many colorful fish are found on this island. Kanawa is located near Labuan Bajo.
  2. Kalong Island offers the best fishing spot in Komodo National Park. This island is famous for Barramundi and mangrove jack on the island.
  3. Kelor Island is also the best spot for many types of fish. It is one of the recommended places to go fishing in Komodo National Park. 
  4. Gili Lawa Island is a great spot located on the north side of Komodo National Park. On this island, you will find many types of fish. Black snapper and red snapper are most dominant on this island.
  5. Bidadari Island is recommended island to go fishing, the island has much colorful fish.
  6. Sebayur island is located near Rinca island. There is much colorful fish and it is recommended to go fishing on this island. Castle rock and crystal rock are perfect places to spot fish.
  7. Padar island is a great spot for jigging fishing, you can catch pelagic fish on the island.
  8. Motang Island is also a great place to go fishing in Komodo National Park. This island is also known as Gili Motang Island.
  9. Komodo Island is a place where you can catch pelagic fish, giant trevally, and yellowfin tuna.
  10. Tatawa Island is also one of the recommended places for fishing. There you will find amazing giant fish and any other types of fish.

All above are the best-recommended places to go fishing in Komodo National Park. If you are interested to join the Komodo fishing trip, you can rent a Komodo boat charter for your perfect trip. These Komodo boat trips are only available from Labuan Bajo.

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