4 Days Private Komodo Island Tour

USD 1,066  / Person

  4 Days 3 Nights

  Depart from Labuan Bajo at 9:30 am

  Speakers :   Indonesian   British   Australian  

  Up to — 6 Person ( 1 Group )



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  Komodo National Park,  Indonesia

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Note : Take a morning flight if you are coming from Bali

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4 Days Private Komodo Island Tour

Our 4 Days Private Komodo Island tour package is the perfect choice to explore amazing places in Komodo National Park. This is a private tour package that lets you enjoy Komodo National Park. You will leave Labuan Bajo in the morning and explore the Southwest of the Park.

Explore the New 7 Wonder of the world, Komodo National Park, the home where the Komodo Dragons are living. You will trek for approximately 2 hours to find the Komodo Dragons, especially on Rinca and Komodo Island. These 2 islands have over 3.000 Komodo Dragons, so you will have a big chance to spot Komodo.

Komodo National Park is also famous for its world-class underwater marine and landscape. You will enjoy the beauty of Padar Island, snorkeling with Manta rays, and hiking on Gili Lawa. Enjoy swimming and relaxing on a pink sandy beach or snorkeling in the crystal clear water at Manjarite.

4 Days Private Komodo Island Tour Itinerary:

Here are your details for the 4 day Komodo island tour. Our team will provide the service as per this itinerary, please carefully read the details.

Day 1: Manjarite Lagoon Explore

Pick up from the airport or your hotel in Labuan Bajo, then drive to the dock. Meet the team and give a short brief on your activities. You will leave Labuan Bajo at 09.30 am.

Places to Visit:

  • Angle Island
  • Kelor island
  • Manjarite Lagoon
  • Kalong Island

The first to visit is Angel Island, and then Kelor Island and Manjarite Lagoon. After that, Kalong Island.


  • Snorkeling or relaxing on the beautiful white sandy beaches on Angle Island.
  • Hiking for a great view of Kelor island, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach.
  • Snorkeling in Crystal Clear Water at Manjarite Lagoon.
  • Having sunset while watching the foxes flying over the island at Kalong Island.

You will overnight on the boat at Kalong, dinner will be served on the boat.

Day 2: Rinca Island Explore

After breakfast at around 07.30 AM, you will leave Kalong island.

Places to Visit:

  • Rinca Island
  • Pink Sandy Beach
  • Padar Island

The first destination to visit is Rinca island and then Pink sandy beach, after that Padar island.

Your Activities:

  • Trekking on Rinca Island for Komodo adventure, enjoy the beautiful landscape and sea view.
  • Hiking on the iconic Padar island for a spectacular island formation.
  • Swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the Pink Sandy beach.

Overnight on the boat at Padar Island, enjoy your time.

Day 3: Komodo Island Explore

After having sunrise and breakfast, you are ready for the next exploring. On your third day, you will explore the Dragons combined with the sea activities.

Destinations to Visit:

  • Komodo Island
  • Manta Point
  • Gili Lawa Island

Sail through a beautiful morning, enjoy the stunning sunrise, calm seawater, and clear blue sky. Retreat to the homeland of Komodo Dragons. The first to visit is Komodo Island and then Manta Point, after that Gili Lawa Island.


  • Hiking on Komodo Island for Komodo Dragons adventure and other wildlife.
  • Snorkeling with the Manta Rays at Manta Point.
  • Hiking to the top of Gili Lawa, enjoy the spectacular view.

Overnight on the boat on Gili Lawa island, enjoy the night.

Day 4: Kanawa Island Explore

This is your last day on 4 days Komodo Island tour, you will visit the island close to Labuan Bajo. After breakfast, you will have easy sailing from Gili Lawa Island.

Your Destinations to Visit:

  • Kanawa Island
  • Labuan Bajo

Sail from Gili Lawa after breakfast to Kanawa island. We hope you find a great morning sailing this day.

Things to do:

  • Hiking for a great view on Kanawa Island, Snorkeling, and swimming.
  • Relax on the island

After that, get back to Labuan Bajo, and then transfer to the Airport or your hotel. All meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the tour will be served on the boat.

Boat Specifications and Facility:

  • Boat Type: Standard Phiinisi Boat
  • Sharing AC Cabin rooms
  • Private AC Cabin rooms
  • Dining Room
  • Sharing an outdoor toilet
  • Private toilet

Safety Equipment:

  • Life Jackets
  • Dinghy Boat
  • Radio communication
  • Life rings

Note: We use any available Phinisi boats with a similar standard to each other. Sometimes the route may be changing, depending on the sea condition.


  • Hotel and Airport Transfers
  • Meals
  • Private AC Cabin Boat
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Snorkeling Gears


  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips for a Guide
  • Medicine
  • Komodo National Park Fees
  • Accommodation in Labuan Bajo

Need to Bring

  • Casual Wear
  • Backpack
  • Flippers
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Cash
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera / Handphone
  • Hat
  • Medicine