Sumba Island

Sumba Island is an island which is located on the South of Flores island. It is an island in the East Nusa Tenggara Province. The island is about 10,710km2 and the highest point is Mount Wanggameti at 1,225m.

The island of Sumba is consist of 4 districts, they are West Sumba, Southwest Sumba, Central Sumba, and East Sumba.

The biggest city is Waingapu, the capital of East Sumba. There are Airport and ferry harbor to connect the island with the others.

Before being visited by Europeans in 1522, Sumba was not ruled by any nation. Since 1866, the Dutch controlled the island, and then become part of Indonesia. 

According to 2010 National census, Sumba has the 685,186 population. The population racially mixed Mongoloid and Melanesia races.

Most of the population adheres to Merapu's animistic beliefs and Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic. Small numbers of Muslim can be found along the coast.

How to get to Sumba Island?

  • Flight from Bali or Jakarta now offers a daily schedule. Try a google search for a flight to Sumba.
  • Ferry from Sape (Sumbawa island) to Waikelo harbor in Sumba. First, if you are in Bali and decided to take a ferry, first thing is you need to go to Padang Bai harbor. From Padang Bai, you take a ferry to Lombok. And then land transfers to Pelabuhan Lombok to catch a ferry to Poto Tano in Sumbawa. From Sumbawa, you drive to Sape harbor and then get on the ferry to Waikelo in Sumba.

What to See in Sumba?

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