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We are the professional tour operator, therefore we always put the safety first in every itinerary we have offered. Each of the tours, trekking, diving, and liveaboard itinerary are well arranged by our professional staff. And we had put the details information such as insurance and details information on each itinerary.

We make sure that the itinerary you book and pay is the one you will get. If any change made during the trip, then it must have an agreement before. We will inform you late before the trip if there is some change in the itinerary.

Some of the itineraries are might not inclusive insurance, so we suggest you have your own insurance covered. On this website, we also put some additional information about Travel Tips, especially on the Komodo island tour.

Nature and Political Issues

Indonesia is the largest country with 16.065 islands. The biggest issues for Indonesia are Nature and Political issues. Climate also one of the issues that deal with Indonesia tourism.

In Indonesia, there are 139 volcanic mountains, 18 of them are active volcano mountains at the moment. There are 14 volcanoes mountains been eruption during 2017. The latest issue of the volcano eruption is Mount Agung in Bali.

In September 2017 the volcano erupted again, and it has been continued to July 2018. The early eruption in 2017 treated a serious impact to the tourism industry in Indonesia, especially in Bali and beyond.

Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali has been closed 2 times during the eruption since 2017. The news update of the volcano eruption report that There is no serious issue to the tourism industry due to the eruption. So the tourism industry is running well at the moment.

Indonesia's political movement is one of the serious impacts on the tourism industry in Indonesia. Demonstration, election and many more are the things that treat a serious issue to tourism.

Komodo Island Closure is Canceled

Due to the policy of the East Nusa Tenggara Tourism agency, Komodo Island will temporarily close by the beginning of 2020. The closure itself is intended for the environmental rehabilitation of the island and improve the conservation of Komodo Dragons.

The recent news from the Environmental Minister of Indonesia that the encloser of Komodo Island is canceled. The Environmental Minister said that Komodo Dragons living there are not under threat from the tourism activity.

Komodo Island is well known as the island where the Komodo Dragons are living. According to the government, there are living 1.727 Komodo Dragons. However, Rinca Island is also the possibility to see Komodo Dragons in wildlife. The island is a natural habit of Komodo Dragons on Komodo National Park.

As the response of this decision, we are supporting any decisions made. And we will put Komodo Island as one of the main destinations for the Komodo Island tour. Find more Komodo tour packages trough the search box for your great adventure.

Finally, we are welcome the travelers to our services and we are ready to treat you well during your holiday.


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