Covid-19 News for Komodo National Park

Covid-19 News for Komodo National Park

As the global pandemic COVID-19 affected the travel industry all over the world. Komodo National Park and surrounding areas have relatively few cases. So far, the authorities have taken measurements to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Komodo National Park within East Nusa Tenggara Provinces generally has low cases. The National Park authority has been declaring the reopening of its tourism since 15 August 2020.

Regional update of COVID-19 Cases in East Nusa Tenggara include Komodo National Park and Flores Island:

  • Cases Confirmed: 532
  • Recovery: 343
  • Death: 7

Last updated: 10 October 2020, no new cases in the last 14 days.

The reopening of its tourism is only for domestic visitors and KITAS/KITAP holders. It will not reopen to international tourism until September 2020.

How to Help the Local Tourism Industry?

Indonesia's tourism industry has almost collapsed. Komodo and beyond have suffered from an immense economy. Many people are out of work and under strain. The way to help the local tourism industry is to consider reschedule your trip instead of canceling.

If it is safe to travel again, consider booking your Komodo trip with local agencies, both street vendors and online. They are likely to have the worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traveling During the Coronavirus

The Indonesian government has banned all foreign arrivals and transit for future notice. Here are the health protocols you need to prepare if you are eligible to travel to Indonesia:

  • Provide a negative COVID-19 PCR (swab), test issued within the past 7 days.
  • You will need to stay 14 days in quarantine if you are coming from a seriously affected Coronavirus.
  • Wearing a facemask and physical distancing is required, especially if you are outdoors.

For more information on the update of COVOD-19, you can contact us through the contact form. At the moment, local tourists are allowed to enter the Komodo National Park. International travelers are temporarily not allowed until future notice.

Komodo Wisata highly recommends booking a private Komodo boat trip for your safe trip. This is the only best way to travel to Komodo during the COVID - 19 outbreak.