Lombok Komodo Island Trip 4 Days 3 Nights

USD 237  / Person

  4 Days 3 Nights

  Depart from Lombok - Bangsal at 12:00 pm

  Speakers :   Indonesian   British   Australian  

  Up to — 40 Person ( 1 Group )



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  Komodo National Park,  Indonesia

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Note : Departures every Wednesday and Saturday!

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Lombok Komodo Island Trip 4 Days 3 Nights

The Lombok Komodo Island Trip 4 days 3 nights offers the Komodo Dragons adventure from Lombok. You can explore some of the islands beyond Lombok and Sumbawa before exploring Komodo National Park. The boat trip is scheduled 2 times a week, check the search box to see the detailed schedules. You will depart from Bangsal harbor in North Lombok and make your first stop on the islands beyond Sumbawa.

The trip is the best recommendation if you love adventure. Starting from North Lombok, you can visit some beautiful islands such as Sugian Island, Moyo, and many more. Most activities you will do are snorkeling, swimming, trekking, and Komodo adventures.

We use a standard wooden boat that can carry a minimum of 20 passengers and a maximum of 40 passengers. The Komodo trip from Lombok by boat is the only way to explore the east Nusa Tenggara destinations. Explore the islands beyond Sumbawa such as Moyo island. And then, continue exploring Komodo National Park.

Itinerary of Lombok Komodo Island Trip 4 Days 3 Nights:

Please kindly read the details of the trip itinerary for your best komodo trip from Lombok. Make sure you understand everything about the tour program. This tour is suitable if you love adventure.

Day 1: Bangsal - Medang Island

We will do a pick up from the Senggigi area and Mataram at 10.30 am, and then drive to Bangsal. Check-in and a short briefing about the trip. After that, you will leave Bangsal at 12.00 am and continue to Medang Island.

Things you will see and do on Sungian Island:

  • Having sunset on the way to Medang Island
  • You will arrive here in the evening
  • Dinner provided on the boat

You will leave Medang Island at about 10.00 am and sail to Moyo Island during the night. Overnight on the boat during the trip.

Day 2: Moyo Island

On the second day in the morning, you will be on Moyo island.

Things you can expect to do and see:

  • Snorkeling on Moyo Island
  • Visit Mata Jitu Waterfall on Moyo island

After Moyo Island, you will continue sailing to Komodo National Park. Overnight on the boat along the night. You will arrive in the morning at Manta Point.

Day 3: Manta Point - Pink Beach - Komodo Island - Padar Island

Your first visit on this day is Manta Point, and then you will continue to Pink Beach. After that, you will continue to Komodo Island for the Komodo adventure. Then continue to Padar Island, overnight on the island.

Things you can do and see:

  • Snorkeling, sunbathing, or swimming on Pink Beach
  • Pictures
  • Snorkeling is one of the best spots in Manta Point
  • Hiking on Komodo Island for Komodo Dragons
  • Sunset at Padar Island, hiking for the spectacular view.

Day 4: Padar Island - Kelor Island - Manjarite - Labuan Bajo

After breakfast on the boat, you will continue to visit Padar Island and then continue to Kelor Island. After that Manjarite Island, and then  Labuan Bajo.

The things you can expect to do and see are:

  • Hike the iconic Padar Island for a great view
  • Swimming, snorkeling, and hiking on Kelor Island
  • Snorkeling on Manjarite Island
  • Sunset on the way to Labuan Bajo

Boat Facilities:

  • Local standard boat
  • Toilet
  • Life Jackets
  • Deck
  • Cabin
  • Kitchen

Note: It is always advisable to see the boat conditions and tour details before you book.


  • Entrance Fee
  • Meals along the trip
  • English speaking Guide
  • One Way Boat trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo
  • Tea, coffee, and mineral water on the boat
  • Entrance Fee
  • Shuttle at Labuan Bajo


  • Return Trip
  • Tips for Guide
  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Medicine
  • Etc

Need to Bring

  • Casual Wear
  • Your stuff
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Trekking shoes