"An unspoiled Bali", with beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjani combined with relatively few tourists, Lombok is indeed the paradisaical tropical island that many people still mistakenly imagine Bali to be now.
Tour Packages in Lombok

Fast Boat to Gili Islands and Lombok

We offer the cheap Fast Boat tickets from Bali to Gili Islands and Lombok with free hotel transfers in Bali for the specific areas.

Batu Payung Full Day Tour

Batu Payung full day tour: visit Sade traditional Lombok village, Tanjung Ann Beach, Batu Payung, and then sunset at Merese Hill.

TWA Bukit Tunaq Day Tour

Visit Bukit Tunaq in Central Lombok and then continue to Kuta Lombok. Book TWA Bukit Tunaq Day Tour for a great arrangement!

Gili Petelu Snorkeling Package

Gili Petelu Snorkeling Package, Visit the pure nature snorkeling spot, Tanjung Luar, Gili Petelu, Pink Beach and sunset at Pulau Pasir

Gili Nanggu Private Tour

Another Gili Islands stay on the west south Lombok are Gili Nanggu,Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis, here you can do snorkeling, beaches, Island tour.

Sendang Gile Waterfall Tour

Sendang Gile Waterfall Tour: visit Pusuk Monkey Forest, Sightseeing, Rice Field, Traditional Market, Sendang Gile Waterfall and Senaru Traditional Village.

Tours and Things to do