10 Tips For Visiting Komodo Dragons

 10 tips for visiting Komodo Dragons

Find out more about 10 tips for visiting Komodo Dragons on Travel Tips. This is suggesting things before you do travel to Komodo island. They might be useful for your trips.

Here are 10 tips for visiting Komodo Dragons:

  1. Find a reliable Travel Agency to book your trip. Not all agency provide a good service for you, always try to research before making a booking.
  2. Find a good tour guide. A good guide is a very important thing when you do the trip. Make sure he knows everything you need and keep you all during the trip. 
  3. Never try to go alone. Komodo is wildlife and could attack you any time, make sure you go with the ranger.
  4. Keep silent on the island of Dragon
  5. Do not smoke on the island, because the island is very dry and easy to burn.
  6. Keep after your self, check around. Komodo is sometimes on the tree
  7. Report to the ranger if you have any problem for example if you have cut on your body, hands or foot. 
  8. The woman on their period is not recommended to see the dragons. Dragon can smell the blood from the distance 20km
  9.  Do not wear on a red t-shirt or etc
  10. Make sure you always with the ranger, never try to go separate from the group or ranger

One thing you should know that Komodo Dragons could run 20km/hour. When they coming to you, make a zigzag run. 

Travel tips on Komodo island tours

What is the best way to get to Labuan Bajo from Bali?

Our suggest is take a flight from Denpasar Airport. Here are some flight company where you can book your tickets to Labuan Bajo:

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