Komodo is an island in the Western part of Flores. It is part of the Komodo National Park. There are inhabitants of 1.700 Komodo Dragons. The other wildlife also living here such as deers.

Magia 2 Liveaboard, Private Luxury Yacht

Magia 2 Liveaboard offers comfortable private luxury sailing from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park. The perfect yacht for a small group traveling.

Anne Judith Liveaboard, Private Charter

Anne Judith Liveaboard offers a comfortable private charter from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park. It is a perfect choice for a small family group.

Samara Liveaboard 1, Labuan Bajo

Samara Liveaboard offers luxury and comfortable sailing from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park. We are available for private charters, max 4 people.

Lalunia Liveaboard, Comfortable Boat

Lalunia Liveaboard offers a comfortable Phinisi boat for your best sailing experience to Komodo National Park. Daily departure based on Private arrangements

2 Days Carnaby Komodo Cruise

2 Days Carnaby Komodo Cruise, the luxury yacht. Visit the world's largest lizard Komodo Dragons, Manta Rays adventure by hiking on iconic Padar Island

Segara Private Phinisi Yacht Charter

3 days exploring Komodo National Park on Segara Private Phinisi Yacht Charter, daily departure from Labuan Bajo with free hotel transfers and meals.

Luxury Komodo Private Yacht Charter

The 2 days on Aquamarine, a luxury Komodo private yacht charter. Depart from Labuan Bajo with free hotel transfers, meals, and tour Guide.

Aquamarine Luxury Phinisi Yacht Charter

Aquamarine luxury phinisi yacht charter offers the highest quality service yacht with cozy accommodation. A perfect choice for your lifestyle

Situju7 Komodo Luxury Cruise

3 days private Komodo tour on Situju7 Komodo luxury cruise boat. Depart from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park

Standard Private Speedboat Charter

A full day standard private speedboat charter to Komodo National Park, accommodate at maximum 12 people. Free hotel transfers, Guide, and lunch box

Wae Rebo Phinisi Charter Boat

3 Days on Luxury Wae Rebo Phinisi Charter Boat departure from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park, free hotel transfers.

Aquamarine Private Speedboat Charter

Aquamarine Private Speedboat Charter, a perfect choice for small group of traveling. Maximum 12 people, start from $1500

Kelana Cruise Private Boat Charter

3 days on Kelana Cruise private boat charter to Komodo National Park. Start from Labuan Bajo with free hotel transfers.

Splendour Private Boat Charters

Luxury yacht charters to Komodo National Park and beyond, departing from Labuan Bajo, are available for 3 days charter.

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