The island is famous not only for its heritage of convicts but also for the unique fauna which roam it. The Komodo dragon, a type of monitor lizard, it inhabits Komodo Island and some of the smaller surrounding islands, as well as part of western Flores.

Tours and Things to do

Kelana Cruise Boat

3 days private charter on Kelana Cruise boat to Komodo National Park, $1550 per day

Laba Laba Boat Charter

2 Days Laba Laba Private boat charter from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park. Enjoy sailing on our luxury yacht.

Splendour Boat Charters

The luxury yacht charter to Komodo National Park and beyond
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Tour Packages in Komodo

Full Day Komodo Island Speedboat Tour

A full day tour to Komodo National Park with the speedboat. Visit Padar, Komodo island, Manta Point, and Kanawa island

4 Days Komodo Island Tour

4 Days Komodo Island Tour: Labuan Bajo, Angel island, Kelor island, Rinca, Padar, Pink Beach, Manta Point, Gili Lawa, and Kanawa island

3 Days Sharing Komodo Tour Package

Labuan Bajo, Kelor island, Manjarite, Rinca island, Kalong island , Padar, Pink Beach, Gili Laba, Manta Point, and Kanawa island.
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Diving in Komodo

Day Trip with 3 Dives in Komodo National Park

Depart from Labuan Bajo at 07.30 AM and do 3 dives in Komodo National Park, and then back to Labuan Bajo about 05.00 PM.

2 Night 3 Days Diving and Dragons Adventure

Labuan Bajo, 3 dives in Central Komodo, 4 dives to the more remote of Komodo island, 2 dives before visit Rinca and back to Labuan Bajo

Komodo Island 3 Days 6 Dives

Labuan Bajo- North of Komodo National Park
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