Flores Island

Flores Island is located on the East Nusa Tenggara, It is part of Lesser Sunda Islands. The Lesser Sunda Islands are a group of the eastern part of Indonesia. The name Flores is coming from the Portuguese word "Flower".

Local common call this island as Pulau Bunga or Flower Island. The island was divided into 2 main parts, West and the Eastern part. There are 6 main cities on the island, Ruteng, Labuan Bajo, Maumere, Bajawa, Ende, and Larantuka.

Regarding the census in 2010, Flores has the population 1.831.472. The largest population is in Maumere with 300.301 populations. Most of the populations are working on the farm, some are fishermen. And the rest are working in a government offices and tourism.

West Flores consist of 3 Regency:

  • West Manggarai with the capital city Labuan Bajo.
  • Central Manggarai with the capital city Ruteng.
  • East Manggarai with the capital city Borong.

East Flores consist of 5 main parts:

  • Ende with the capital is Ende
  • Sikka, the capital city is Maumere
  • Ngada recency with the capital city Bajawa
  • Nagekeo regency with the capital city is Mbay
  • East Flores regency with the capital city Larantuka

The Cultures

Generally, the island has many dialects spoken in each district. West Flores, with the main dialect Bahasa Manggarai. The East Flores has almost 6 differences in the language spoken. They are Ngadha, Lio, Ende, Nage, and Palu'e. 

Every part of the island has a different culture with each other. Manggarai is popular with the Tarian Caci (sticks fighting). Tari Ende Lio or Ende Lio Dance is most present by people in East Flores, especially Ende.

There are 4 parts of Ende Lio Dance, Toja, Wanga, Wedho and Gawi. Some dances of each district that are not published. They are present when they have a culture ceremony in each district.

Tourism Objects

Flores is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are a lot of tourist destinations to visit, from West to East of the island. The most tourist destination is located on the West Flores.

Labuan Bajo, West Flores is one of Indonesia's tourism developed. The city where you can start the Komodo Dragons adventure. While in the East part, there is Kelimutu volcano with the three colored lakes.

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On the Northeast side of the island, there is Riung with the beautiful white sandy beaches. And also 17 island which offers you the amazing of islands shape. You will find amazing underwater life with the beautiful Inhabitat islands.

Top Destinations