Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo Village is the Manggarai ethnic traditional village in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This village is located on the West Flores, Manggarai Recency. 

Wae Rebo Village has uniques traditional houses which is content only 7 houses. The houses are handmade architecture from the classic wooden with the palm fiber roof.

Situated surround by beautiful hills, foggy morning, Wae Rebo shows the amazing sight, especially in the morning. These 7 cone-shaped houses will give you an impression and a meaningful story of its village.

Getting to Wae Rebo Village

When you want to visit Wae Rebo, all you need to do is prepare your self physically. The distance of this village is about 6 hours from Labuan Bajo.

The best way to visit the village is by joining the Wae Rebo village tour package from Labuan Bajo. The tour package will include a visit to some of the places such as spider rice field.

Denge Village is another village before getting to Wae Rebo. Here you will get off the car and start soft trekking for about 3 1/2 hours through the tropical forest.

Accommodation and Restaurant

There is no accommodation such as hotels or homestay in Wae Rebo. The only one you can see is a homestay in Denge village. The homestay is providing for transit before getting to Wae Rebo.

When you are in Wae Rebo, you will stay in one of these traditional houses. Meals are provided in a traditional way and much Indonesian taste. No restaurant at all here, you will taste Manggarai traditional coffee.

Traditional Welcome Ceremonial

As part of the Manggarai tribe, the villagers also welcome you in a traditional way. The first thing when you get to Wae Rebo is you have to Pa'u Lu'u.

Pa'u Lu'u intended to respect the Empo (ancestors) or people who died from the village. You will have to give some money at the much you want.

The village chief will welcome you in Mbaru Gendang (the meeting house). He will do Torok (tell the Empo or ancestors) that you are coming to visit the village. Neka langep agu neka babang means do not surprise and do not disturb, you are coming for good.

The Biggest Traditional Ceremonial

The biggest ceremony is Penti Ceremony which held every 5 years. Penti is a really important event in Manggarai. The meaning of this event is "Thanks Giving Party" for their harvest of the years. 

In this Penti time, all Manggarain are together in their small tribe or family. This Penti also held in Wae Rebo, they celebrate it together. Kill animals like buffalo, chicken, pig and other animals.

They also show traditional dancing called "Caci" this dance show the attractive of whip fighting dance each man in Manggarai. This dance can play by two gentlemen from a different village.

Places Of Interest