Pink Beach

Pink Beach which is located on Komodo Island is one of the most visited destination on Komodo Island Tours , the beutiful white sandy beach combine with colored sand (red and pink) make it become one of the iconic beach on Komodo Island. This could be the reason that this beautiful beach have to be listed on every travelers plan around the world. 

Getting to Pink Beach

The only way to reach Pink Berach on Komodo Island is take tour package to Komodo Island from Bali, Lombok and Labuan Bajo. If you are in Bali, yopu can take a flight in the morning aroud 07.00 AM if you hoping to start the tour on the same day, but if you want to start komodo tour on the next day, you can take the mid day flight or afternoon flight from Bali and then stay a night in Labuan Bajo, next day you will satart the tour. If you are in Lombok then there is boat trip sailing from Lombok 2 times in a week, see tour packages in Komodo Island for details tour itinerary.

Pink Beach on Komodo Island

The option for Pink Beach tour can be arrange together on one package with Komodo island tour which is offer multiple tour packages. And most of the packages are including the destination Pink Beach.

The best thing before you decided to visit Pink Beach on Komodo island is find a good time between April to September every year, as these time of the year in Indonesia is the dry season, so you can visit Pink Beach during these time.

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