Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Lake is the three colored lake on the crater of Kelimutu volcano in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The lake is exactly located at Desa Pemo on Kelimutu districs in Ende regency. There are three lakes on the top of Kelimutu volcano which is common called by local "Danau Tiga Warna" (three colored lake), basiclly the most common color are red, white and blue, but it has been changed by the time and are not the first time seen by the local there anymore.

According to the local people the words Kelimutu are coming from word"Keli" which is mean mountain and "Mutu" which is mean boiling. Each of lake color have different meaning; Red color is regarding to the dead people spirit who has sins during their life, Blue is regarding to the young  people spirit and white is regarding to the oldest spirit. 

The local native believe that when the color change, they will come up and give offerings to the spirit of deal people.

Kelimutu Volcano is at altitude 5.377feet or 1.639mand the wide of Kelimutu lake is 1.051.000m.

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