Bena Village

Bena Village or Kampung Bena is the megalithic village which is located on Ngada in East Nusa Tenggara, about 19km in South Bajawa. 

Following the history of Bena village, the village which is located at the foot of the mountain is typical of old worshipers of mountains as the place of worship and they believe that God is there. They believe that God from the mountain will protect them. 

At the moment Bena Village has 40 traditional houses and there is only one main gate which is located on the North side of the village. In the middle of the village, there are two small buildings which are called by the villagers Bhaga and Ngadhu, Bhaga is small uninhabited building while Ngadhu is single-masted building with palm fiber. The pole function is to hang the sacrificial animals when the traditional ceremonies. This village is one of the main tourist destinations in Ngada or Central Flores, both Domestic and International are visited the village.

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